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Our very own Dr. Kate Meurs, Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies with NCSU's College of Veterinary Medicine, who is head of the genetic research currently underway for the Sphynx Cat now owns her very own Sphynx!  Dr. Meurs' research is aimed at discovering the genetic markers of HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) in our breed, so that there can be a blood test that will accurately diagnose some forms of this dread disease.


                           Skinzin Velcro                                                 Dr. Kate Meurs

Skinzin Bella No Pelo had a singleton kitten born in early August of 2011.  The father of the litter is Skinzin Chasing a Dream.  The kitten was always an exceptional boy, as singletons sometimes are and, having the whole milk bar all to himself, he thrived and grew quickly, and was exceptionally spoiled by his mother, Bella!



I had thought he could be a keeper, but wasn’t too sure, since I really didn’t need to keep another intact boy.  It was then that I received an email (around October) from Dr. Kate Meurs asking me if I had, or was expecting to have, any kittens.  I immediately thought of the boy, by then known by me as Velcro. 

Velcro was growing up to be a fine looking boy.  I was thrilled that Dr. Meurs wanted a Sphynx of her own, and knew she would be a wonderful home!     


On November 12, 2011, Dr. Kate Meurs arrived at my home to pick up her kitten.  Yes, Skinzin Velcro is now the proud owner of our very own Dr. Meurs! 

Check out the photos… 






Soon after Velcro arrived at Dr. Meurs’ home, she reported the following:

Hi Judy!
Things are great here! He is eating a bit of the raw but also some of the canned that you sent back with me and some cooked chicken that I buy for everyone. He is really doing wonderfully! The Siamese [Dr. Meurs’ other cat] had bit of a stare down with him this evening but he did not back down or run away so I think the worst might be over!  Right now we are sitting in the bed with one Pomeranian (the other is under the bed) and he is helping me type this, right now he is peering over the screen!!

I'm sending you a mediocre photo!!



and... A few days later, Dr. Meurs reported,

Hi Judy!

Velcro is doing great!  He is asleep next to me under a blanket after running around like a mad man for the past 2 hours and eating 2 dinners. He is eating like a fiend!  He is doing better with the Siamese, the first few days she would growl every time she saw him but now she is definitely interested in his antics and just sits near by and watches him. Occasionally he reaches out and hits her as he flies past, which is not appreciated by her and she’ll chase him for a bit but it is beginning to be part of a game. Today was the first day that I let them all stay out together while I was at work -- no problems at all! So all things going better than expected!  Thank you!!!!


and... just last month, she sent another report on her boy,


Hi Judy!

Velcro is terrific! He is a big talker -- which is a bit different than the other 2 but is very comical -- he talks about food but also when he is bored or when he wants me to turn on a battery operated toy, or sometimes just to himself! He still rough-houses with Chipper the Pomeranian.  Chipper loves it and often starts it by raising a paw when Velcro goes by and then they are off and wrestling!  Chipper has really thick fur so I think Velcro must end up with a mouthful of hair!  …

I think the information I gave you before is still current, we are working hard on the project but we still really need tissue samples and more samples from affected cats!

Thank you!!



MORE SPOILED ROTTEN PETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Here's some useful information for those that are birthing kittens. 

Featuring GC Skinzin Sexy Sadie in Live YouTube taken 11/6/11:

       1.  Introduction:  Sexy Sadie begins the birthing process

       2.  Keeping kittens warm and bedding clean.

       3.  Not yet finished

       4.  Weighing kittens

       5.  Breach

       6.  Wrapping it all up 






  THIS IS SKINZIN SEXY SADIE (on the right -- such a little monkey!)




Below, Karen Thomas, DVM and I pose with GC Panthat Teddy Bear's Best of Breed Award at the Southern Region Awards Banquet.  Teddy is a Burmese that now lives with Karen. 




Skinzin Captain Marvel


Below are new kittens -- one boy and one girl.  The proud parents are GC RW Skinzin Tommy 2-Tone of Pinupcats and GC WrinklesofLove Nova of Skinzin!!! 







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