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Sphynx are not considered hypo-allergenic cats.  While many who have mild allergies can live comfortably with the Sphynx, it is not a cat that is "hypo-allergenic."  If you are looking for a cat that tests extremely low in producing allergens for humans, check out the Siberian. 

The Facts about Allergens in Cats.

While allergic reactions some people get from cats are not the result of hair length, the hair can be a contributing factor especially during times of shedding.  However, the true culprit that causes allergic symptoms in humans is a glyco-protein known as Fel d1 that is produced in the sebaceous glands of the skin, saliva, and urine of the cat. 

These glands are distributed throughout the catís epidermis, affecting all areas of the cat's fur (with increased numbers around the area of the neck).  Because cats are notorious groomers, after a grooming session the saliva dries on the cat's fur and mixes with dead skin cells (dander).  The tiny particles and affected dander becomes airborne and also rubs and falls off, landing on carpeting, furniture, drapes, etc. 

Once these flakes come in contact with humans, either on the skin or by inhalation, an allergic reaction for those that are sensitive to these allergens is triggered.  Symptoms come in many forms, ranging from red, itchy rashes, difficulty breathing, sneezing, watery, swollen and/or bloodshot eyes, a scratchy throat, and/or an itchy runny nose.




What do you get when you purchase a Skinzin kitten or cat?

    1)      All breeders used, and retired breeders, are ultrasounded yearly to ensure the best heart-health

              possible.  A licensed, board-certified veterinary cardiologist performs all my ultrasounds. 

2)       Shots for the first year have been given.

3)       The kitten will be neutered/spayed.

4)       Sound health is guaranteed

5)       Your kitten will be AVID microchipped.  This is a lifetime registration, so you needn't worry about

           yearly fees.  Your kitten's microchip has been paid for.   


How much money will your Skinzin kitten be?  Do I get a price break if I buy two kittens?

The answer is that I charge what I feel is appropriate for excellent kittens.  Because I will not compromise good ethics and sound animal husbandry practices, my costs have risen in the last few years.  However, the price on my kittens has remained the same for many years. My thinking on this is that you can get a kitten from me that is in excellent health, or one that is questionable from another cattery, and pay the price later with large veterinary bills.  Many people see the value in paying a little more for quality.

My NUMBER 1 priority is for all my kittens to have the very best homes available, and that is why I screen homes to find the most loving, and secure homes I can.  If you choose to get two kittens, or later come to me for another kitten, of course you will get a price break!  Kittens and cats are very social -- especially Sphynx, and you will love watching them grow up together.

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

Skinzin litters are planned and placement homes are carefully selected.  Click below to fill out the application to purchase. 


All of my kittens are raised with all the individual care and nurturing a small cattery is capable of providing. 

♫ ♫

Retired adults, ♀♂, as well as kittens, are available from time to time.



APPLICATION  -- PDF document

To pay with PayPal, click on the button below (AFTER APPROVAL FOR ADOPTION)





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