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Sphynx tend to get along with everyone in the household.  Well... as long as they're the boss!

Meet Porsche, the German Shepherd with her nemesis, Lili!




Meet Skinzin Ydlab, a Grand Premier in only 2 shows!

And the proud owner, above, of Skinzin Ydlab!


This is Amonet.  She lives with her brother, Amon, in Paris


Adam, I just love this picture!!!




My California Girl




GC Skinzin Amen's Final Concerto, with proud owner, Terry True, and judge, Brian Pearson.


This is Amon.  He lives in Paris in his loving home.


Below, this boy's adopting parents are very, very excited!!! Thank you, Brenda, for giving him a wonderful home!


Thank you, Angela, for giving Leopold and Oliver such a good home! 


Wendy decided that two's better than one... 


GP Skinzin Bak Jak-the-Knife


Cyndee and GC Skinzin My Preciousss Smeagol (her very first Sphynx!)



Jak snoozes with Terry after a show


Adam takes a nap with Mortimer, his new kitty



Tiny is innocent enough...



but is found later asleep in the frying pan after gorging herself on scrambled eggs...


 Skinzin Max -- on his daddy's shoulder...



Skinzin Digit Lounging about in her new home


Mbizi is my retired breeder turned lap cat!  He went to Iowa!

To the left, Mbizi loves to perch on the curtains!!


Bridget's two boys, Chopper, and

Skinzin Jonah (on left)




Here are Floyd (left), and Ruby (right) lounging and snuggling!




Skinzin Dixie Christine loves Dixie!!

Skinzin Bak Jak-the-Knife Lovin Turkey Day!!


This is Skinzin Ruby -- her owner (on the right) decided to add Floyd as a playmate for Ruby.

And, here he is. Skinzin Floyd and Ruby are both in love with their Mommy!!!




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